Mobile Sensory Station

Project Details

Our designated Sensory Area is very small and difficult for all our guests to access.  This Mobile Sensory Station would enable all our guests, whatever their disability, access for vital sensory stimulation from this mobile unit.

The multi sensory station is on wheels and can be easily moved around from bedroom to bedroom and be plugged in.

It consists of a wide range of equipment including mirror ball, mirage projector, tactile panel, twinkle LED panel, bubble tube, slim line switches, i-pod and mini dock music system, plasma globe and a wide variety of sensory equipment.

The unit costs £6,474.

Who would benefit

All the guests at our Adult Respite Care Home will benefit from this equipment.



Games Room Equipment

Project Details

We would like to provide our children with a Pool Table, Table Tennis and Air Hockey for the games room.  We have investigated suitable equipment and would like to purchase a table which converts in to all three.

Break down of costs

Pool table                                  £          904.00

Installation                                 £            99.00

Pool table accessory pack       £            69.99

Table tennis conversion kit       £          169.00

Air hockey side table                 £          150.00

 Total incl VAT                        £          1,391.00


Who will benefit

All our children who attend the Children’s Respite Care home will benefit from this equipment.  It will greatly help to encourage team support, enabling our children to learn to take their turn and share whilst having fun.  These games will help promote fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and the concept of the game i.e rules to play too.  Winning or even hitting a ball is a massive achievement  and a great confidence boost for our children.